Successful Completion of the Advanced Towed Array Receiver (ATAR) Development

ATAR article picUE3P successfully completed development and verification testing of the Advanced Towed Array Receiver (ATAR) system July 14, 2015.  ATAR system development succeeded in migrating towed array data recovery from completely custom hardware to a programmable software/firmware solution hosted within commercially available, ruggedized, telecommunications industry-style equipment. The ATAR system also minimizes or eliminates the need for hardware changes to accommodate new arrays and/or multiple configurations of existing arrays.  Further, the ATAR system provides significant improvement for high speed analog-to-digital upstream reception, digital-to-analog based downstream command and control transmission, and enhanced performance monitoring and fault localization.  The ATAR system is fully integrated with the TB-29A iPEN submarine towed acoustic array to interface with the submarine sonar system, and the development and verification effort was completed 3 months ahead of schedule.