Ultra Electronics – 3 Phoenix Successfully Produces and Delivers Three TB-23 Technical Refresh Kits to PMS401

On April 28, 2015, UE3P successfully completed the delivery of three TB-23 iPEN telemetry Technical Refresh Kits to PMS401 for use in production of three new TB-23 arrays. A UE3P TB-23 Technical Refresh Kit is comprised of Dual Acoustic Transmitters (DATs), Analog Non-Acoustic Transmitters (ANATs), Synchronous Regulators (SRs), Clocks, and Protection Harnesses. By providing designs with increased functionality over the legacy system, UE3P was able to reduce the number of components required in each array. UE3P’s TB-23 Technical Refresh Kit provides the Navy with the ability to improve its TB-23 towed sonar array with upgraded technology that increases overall system reliability while providing identical functionality to the legacy system.