BPS-XX Radar Management Software for VA Class Submarines Program Status

The BPS-XX Radar Management Software (BRMS) is designed to support navigation, station keeping, general surface search Radar functions, and contact avoidance for the VA Class Submarines. The BRMS will provide a video indication of the position of surface ships, surface craft, buoys, shorelines and navigational marks while supporting contact designation. The system is designed to improve the standard of collision avoidance by automatically providing information to the operators that will enable them to execute collision avoidance with multiple contacts as well as manually plotting a single contact. The system provides continuous, accurate, and rapid situational awareness and evaluation while also supporting Local Training and Onboard Team Training functionality.

The BPS-XX program successfully executed a Critical Design Review (CDR) on April 1, 2015 to finalize the software design and begin software development.  In July of 2015, additional scope and funding was awarded to address International requirements associated with Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems.

The BRMS was evaluated as part of the Concept of Operations Exercise (COOPEX) on May 27 and 28, 2015.  The event was designed to allow fleet operators to perform piloting functions in a simulated egress and ingress environment using the BPS-XX Radar system configuration.  The recommended display and radar management functionality updates from the COOPEX event were requested by the Government to be incorporated into a software baseline delivery prior to the formal Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems (SWFTS) testing for the BRMS production baseline release.  A Build 4 was added to the BPS-XX program and a funding modification and associated Technical Instruction are in progress with the funding modification expected by December 2015.  BRMS has participated in SWFTS integration events at Lockheed Martin Manassas where the Operating system configuration, software functionality and system interfaces have been successfully integrated.  The BRMS software baseline is expected to be delivered in October of 2016 to support ship installation.